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Our trend theme

Indoor & Outdoor Living 2021 – society at a turning point? To what extent are the purchasing decisions of Generations X, Y and Z being driven by sustainability?

Across all age groups, society is currently engulfed by new and multi-faceted influences: The increasing importance of one's home environment, increased environmental awareness, increased working from home, the ever-closer convergence of our online and offline worlds. Or, last but not least: the influence of social networks on the way we present ourselves.

What this means for our everyday lives is that, against the trend towards automation and moving online, a counterpoint has arisen, characterised by a rethinking of what is essential in our lives, and by an awareness of nature and sustainability in their widest sense. Which of these trends will ultimately win out is what LifeCare.Network, together with the respected market research company K&A BrandResearch, aims to establish by means of its annual trends studies. What marks these studies out is that all responses from the one thousand consumers surveyed are constantly assessed against the background of the three Generations X, Y and Z. They therefore provide reliable indications of future trends.

Questions include

  • What do consumers generally understand by the term ‘sustainable’ in connection with their own household?
  • In which sectors, and to what extent, is sustainability an important consideration when purchasing household fixtures and fittings?
  • To what extent are people prepared to pay more for sustainable products?
  • How is sustainability thinking actually implemented across the three generations?
  • To what extent do consumers want to live in a ‘smart home’?
  • In the age of Instagram etc., how important are domestic fixtures and fittings?
  • How will we live and work in the future?

We always have our finger on the pulse of the market

We are happy to share our knowledge and make the results of our trend analysis available to all the entrants in the ‘Lifestyle Innovation Award’.

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