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Current trending topic:

The changing face of homes across generations: Will generations Y and Z rethink the existing lifestyle?

Each generation is shaped by the prevailing social environment. The last few years, in particular, have left a significant mark. However, nothing about the overriding life stages has changed: between the ages of 20 and 40, (young) adults make their first larger houshold purchases. They focus on their own homes and furnish them according to their personal values. This is a time in life that has a lasting impact on buying behaviour and lays the foundation for all subsequent (purchase) decisions.

In this year's trend study, we are therefore focusing on generations Y and Z. In cooperation with the market research institute K&A BrandResearch AG, we want to find out to what extent these generations differ from previous ones, what the most important purchase criteria are, and what that specifically means for the context of living. Will generations Y and Z rethink the prevailing lifestyle - and if so, how?

The unique aspect of this trend study is that all responses of the 1,000 surveyed consumers are evaluated in comparison with the three generations X, Y, and Z, and are compared with previous studies. This special survey method ensures that trends can be defined not only based on theoretical theses but also based on real consumer opinions.

Questions include

  • What values and attitudes shape generations Y and Z, and how does this influence future purchase decisions? What expectations are associated with product innovation?
  • What product features influence the purchasing decisions of generations Y and Z the most? What are the most relevant purchase criteria in the field of living?
  • Generations Y and Z shape their homes: What does the dream home look like in terms of interior design? What support should it offer in everyday life?
  • What is the current significance of one's own home? Which living areas are in focus? What is the level of investment readiness now and in the near future?
  • Smart Living: To what extent are analogue and digital tools merging in everyday life? What do Gen X, Y, and Z expect from smart home technologies? Which features will prevail?
  • How will one's own home integrate into the future life and work environment? What synergies are there? What expectations do Gen X, Y, and Z have?

We always have our finger on the pulse of the market

We are happy to share our knowledge and make the results of our trend analysis available to participants in the ‘Lifestyle Innovation Award’.

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