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How can I register a product?

Companies from the following sectors are eligible to participate:

  • BATHROOM & WELLNESS (e.g. bathroom furnishings, bathroom and sanitary ceramics, bath­ room fittings, home saunas and solariums, indoor whirlpools, wellness appliances, body care appliances, bathroom accessories, etc.)
  • GARDEN & OUTDOOR (e.g. garden furniture, garden tools and equipment, barbecues, outdoor kitchens, sun/rain protection, irrigation systems, conservatories, outdoor pools, etc.)
  • CONSTRUCTION & INTERIOR DESIGN (e.g. windows, doors, heating and air­conditioning systems, furnaces, air purification equipment, burglary protection, wall and floor coverings, smart technologies, etc.)
  • FURNITURE & DECOR (e.g. sleep systems, furniture, home office equipment, home textiles, home accessories, etc.)
  • HOUSEHOLD & CLEANING (e.g. washing machines & dryers, ironing systems, tumble dryers, cleaning equipment, vacuum cleaners, waste systems, etc.)
  • LIGHTING (e.g. lighting systems, decorative lighting, light sources, living room lighting, outdoor lighting, etc.)
  • HOME ENTERTAINMENT (e.g. TV, audio equipment, sound systems, projectors, loudspeakers, headphones, etc.)
  • LEISURE & OUTDOOR LIVING (e.g. sports and fitness equipment for the home, to­go concepts, mobile homes, motorhome equipment, etc.)

One or more products can be registered for each manufacturer of products from the listed categories.

The complete conditions of entry to the competition, including detailed information with regards to registration, participation fees, etc., can be ordered here:

Closing date for entries: 26 May 2023